The coconut is a fruit, obtained from the coconut tree, the most cultivated palm tree in the world. It has a thick outer shell (Exocarpio) and a fibrous mesocarp and a hard inner, hairy and brown (endocarp) that has adhered the pulp (endosperm), which is white and aromatic.


Dehydrated coconut

Dehydrated coconut is the product that is obtained from meat or coconut pulp. This pulp disintegrates or grazes and is dried at a temperature between 60 and 75 ° C until reaching a moisture content of less than 2.5%



This is very rich in fiber and macro nutrients, including a high content of healthy saturated fats, but different from those of animal origin that are harmful to health, in addition contains medium chain fatty acids capable of producing energy and favoring healthy levels of Cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol or HDL.

Despite its richness in fats, grated coconut offers unusual benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health to positive effects in the fat burning process, thanks to its ability to stimulate metabolic processes.

Coconut benefits heart health due to the content of coconut oil that reaches up to 60 percent of the dry weight. (Researchers from the Weston Foundation).

Table of nutritional value, (Gr./100Gr of edible part)